What is SLOW U

What are we missing
to work better?

The present has revolutionized the way we work.
We found ourselves catapulted into an unfamiliar reality, which presented us with unexpected challenges.
Through it all we have continued to work, albeit in a different way.
This adventure starts precisely from the belief that "different" can mean "better."
The question we have tried to answer is precisely this: what do we lack to work better?

The need to
change the air

We have been confronted with an uncomfortable way of working, one that hardly fits in with the pace of life.
We feel invaded, and the space of what used to feel like home has become increasingly cramped and less suited to the rhythms of our new daily routine.
What to do?
The need for a change of scenery is the order of the day, but work necessities keep us chained to emptying cities, makeshift desks, and the dreariness of a routine unsuited to our desires.

Everyone knows
what they would need

Everyone knows exactly what they would need: there are those who want a walk in the countryside, those who would like to indulge in a typical dinner or a swim in the sea, those who simply want a few moments of relaxation for themselves or to spend with those they love, combining work and leisure.
We all share the need to have at our disposal a performant connection and a workstation truly designed for those who work.
If we add to this a range of services that simplify and help manage daily needs, the reality of better smart working becomes within reach.


is based
on what we have experienced

The current situation and the concept of workation (work + vacation) have been recounted by dozens of articles from prestigious sites and magazines.
We have read, we have studied, we have dreamed, SLOW U however is mostly based on what we have experienced.
We are part of that 66%* of professionals who in 2020 chose to move to a place other than their place of work.
A choice that seemed revolutionary a year ago, but of which we are increasingly convinced.

*Airbnb data, October 2020


allows you to slow down

SLOW U allows you to slow down, take care of you, your time and the people you love, without compromising on the quality of your work.
We have given birth to a portal that offers you the best Smart Working Holiday solutions in enchanting settings surrounded by nature: beautiful farmhouses, relais and agritourisms in the open countryside, resorts by the sea, mountain huts where you can enjoy the coolness of the mountains and the benefits of a walk in the woods.
All this with the peace of mind of a specially organized work space and a range of services that will allow you to enjoy your working vacation to the fullest by restoring the correct work life balance.
Get inspired, get connected and start working in a way you never thought possible.
Live slow, we'll take care of the rest.

We of


we believe
in the connection
between people and
the place
in which they work

At SLOW U, we believe in the connection between people and the place where they work.
In a smartworking that is truly smart, those who travel for work contribute to the development of the territory that hosts them, creating a demand that can enhance as yet unexpressed potential.
The beauties of the locations that have always welcomed tourists open up to new guests, who enjoy a tailor-made offer and at the same time support not only economically, but also culturally, the accommodations.
We envision a movement to transform these beautiful places into spaces of well-being where people work better, relax, and exchange ideas and experiences.

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