Casa Balata

Sustainable Agritourism
A home where the beautiful and unspoiled Sicilian countryside meets the Mediterranean Sea, creating a place in total harmony with its surroundings.
Realmonte, Sicily

Casa Balata has five double rooms, three of them with private terraces and one with a private garden.
An enchanted place, among olive trees, native and medicinal plants, scents and colors, nature trails, earth, stones and sea, a place where the only noise is the blowing of the wind, where TVs were preferred to be replaced by books.
Casa Balata is a place where, at night, it is still possible to admire an extraordinary starry sky, far from any form of light pollution, a place from which to appreciate the fusion of the wonderful, unspoiled Sicilian countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.
The philosophy, which is reflected in every detail of Casa Balata, is that of strict respect for nature and the environment. For this reason, all of Casa Balata's agricultural produce - olives and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits, vegetables and vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants - are grown absolutely ORGANIC and the energy needed for the facility is produced by photovoltaic panels.
The bio-pool is also designed to be perfectly integrated
in the surrounding environment and made with special materials that fully
fully harmonize it also from the landscape point of view.

Clear sky
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