Art and Design Farmhouse
Amazing spaces enriched by contemporary artworks and a selection of design objects ranging from 1930s classics to Italian masterpieces from the 1960s to the present day.
Faenza, Emilia-Romagna

A unique reality for its large open-air equipped spaces, for its housing units, one different from the other that can best correspond to differentiated needs, for the rigorous restoration to which all the buildings forming a complex and articulated urbanism have been subjected, for the Italian and international design furniture, for an unusual reading and contemplation space that houses a library of design, art, ceramics and graphic novels, with very recent texts and others now unobtainable that become a corollary to another jewel: a museum dedicated to the figure of Philippe Artias, a French artist who was a friend of Picasso. In these spaces, surrounded by paintings, books and design, breakfasts are served, with a wide selection of local foods and natural products grown directly.

Nature takes center stage at Sacramora 12 with a large 13,000-square-meter park that includes a medicinal herb garden, a vegetable garden with raised tubs, and an orchard with different varieties that extends to the farm's production area.

Sacramora 12 boasts a central location to many cities of art, archaeological sites, water and forest parks, the hills and the sea, historic villages, and mediaeval military architecture such as Rocca Manfrediana in Brisighella, Rocca di Riolo with its thermal waters, Rocca Sforzesca, and Rocca Estense.

A place then where everyone can enjoy their own ample space, either personal or to share.

Sacramora 12 is directed by Miria Rava, while the architectural design that converted a family farm property was conceived by Rita Rava and Claudio Piersanti, envisioning surprising spaces enriched with contemporary artworks and a selection of more than 100 design objects ranging from 1930s classics to Italian masterpieces from the 1960s to the present day.

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