Who we are

How it comes about


SLOW U is the brainchild of a team of professionals with international experience who have experienced firsthand the need to combine smart work and free time to spend alone, with friends or with family in the most beautiful places in our country to re-establish and give importance to work life balance.

We made a choice that until a year ago might have seemed radical: to move to places traditionally considered to be resorts to live and work for long periods of time.

It was not easy at first: the connection was often shaky, we were looked at askance if we tried to duck into a coffee shop to work, and even the home delivery we occasionally used in our cities proved impossible.

Then 2020 came, and the world changed. 

We saw professionals and managers arriving in locations we would never have imagined moving from big cities with their families.

Beginning to hear different accents even during non-strictly tourist periods was no longer so strange.

Hence our idea: to give birth to a platform that offers both inspiration and concrete possibilities to book dream places and experiences through personalized filters.

SLOW U brings together facilities that have chosen to believe in new ways of working and tourism. Our partners are carefully selected because they share our vision: to create value by offering those who work unforgettable experiences.

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